I have not tested this as Telephone voice control was standard on my car.

*Note: Do not alter your current settings if you already have voice command even if they do not match the coding here. It's reported that altering your code to match will dissable your factory installed voice control.

.: The Coding

Phone - Voice Control: (NOT available for MY2010)

[77 - Telephone]
[Coding - 07]
00x0x?0 - The 2nd to last digit should be changed to e.g. 2 (English (UK))


00?0xx0: MMI System
1 = MMI/Sound System High
2 = MMI/Sound System Standard

00x0?x0: Installation List
9 = Vehicle with MOST-Databus

00x0x?0: Voice Control Language
0 = Voice Control OFF
1 = German (Rest of World)
2 = English (United Kingdom)
3 = French (Rest of World)
4 = Italian (Rest of World)
5 = Spanish (Rest of World)
6 = Spanish (USA)
7 = English (USA)
8 = French (Canada)
9 = Speaker depend Voice Selection

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