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Thanks for stopping by.

This site was originally conceived by myself to help aid the Audi B8 community. With some help from a few other people I have built up some content to help you on your journey.

I current live in Singapore which is half a world away from where this site started. But I am now working for an awsome company doing what I love, figuring out how to make Audis and VW's do stuff they didn't come with.

I hope my work helps you along but I couldnt have done it all alone.

Obviously not all the content on this site is from myself personally but I still wanted to add it in so you have a master source.

If you need to contact me please use the contact form from the main menu and I'll try to respond when I can. Please remember this isn't a corporate site and will be worked on when the car and life doesn't get in the way .

David Cochlin



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