Certain DIS programs are either partially available or not availble on vehicles without the switches on the right steering stalk.

.: The Coding

DIS with Efficiency Program for MY2010+*

[17 - Instruments]
[Adaptation - 10] -> Channel 77 Change 0 to 255

*Not a complete Program without the Start/Stop System

Correct Consumption in DIS program

[17 - Instruments] [Adaptation - 10] -> Channel 3 change 100 to xxx (see samples below)

Sample 1 - Calculation based on volume per distance (e.g. l/100km):
DIS: 9.3 l/100 km.
Real: 9.8 l/100 km. (100 * 9.8 / 9.3 = 105.38)
Channel 3 will be changed from 100 to 105

Sample 2 - Calculation based on distance per volume (e.g. MPG):
DIS: 23 MPG.
Real: 24 MPG. (100 * 23 / 24 = 95.83)
Channel 3 will be changed from 100 to 96

Enabling Lap Timer on MY2010+

*Oil temperature will be enabled as well:
[17 - Instruments]
[Coding - 07] -> Long Coding Helper -> Byte 1 Bit 3 change from 0 to 1
Or Check the box for "Lap Timer active" if available.

Check out the How to for the Lap Timer here.

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