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The B8 starts to mix things up a bit in the parts department. It used to be less common to find cross parts between models. With Audi using the B8 platform for the A4/S4 A5/S5 and Q5 there are some cross part numbers. By the time your done reading this you'll understand how to tell.

A part number is broken down to 4 - 5 possible groupings with most standard parts only having 3.

For the purpose of this article lets look at a part with all groups to help fill in the possible sections. I'm going to use a part from one of my projects, the underseat storage bin. The part number we will dissect is 8K0 882 601 C 4PK.

The first 2 digits are model type 8K0 882 601 C 4PK, remember the part may fit other cars 8K in this instance represent the B8 A4/S4. If it was 8T it would represent the A5/S5 and 8R is the Q5.

The third digit (although usually ignored) does mean something 8K0 882 601 C 4PK.
If there is a left or right hand drive version this is where you will find it.

0 = Generic
1 = Left Hand Drive
2 = Right Hand Drive

The 4th digit represents what type of part it is 8K0 882 601 C 4PK:

1 engine, Clutch
2 Gas Tank and Pipelines, Exhaust system and Heater
3 Transmission
4 Front Axle, Differential and steering
5 Rear Axle
6 Wheels and Brakes
7 Hand and Foot levers, Safety Covers
8 Body
9 Electrical Systems
0 Extras (accessories)

The 5th and 6th digits are what grouping the part belongs to 8K0 882 601 C 4PK. In this code 82 represent a specific section of the seat.

The 7th-9th position is the true part number 8K0 882 601 C 4PK.

The 10th digit represent the revision of the part 8K0 882 601 C 4PK. There could be 3 or 4 revisions since the original part. They could be the part number with no revision letter as well as A,B and C.

Just because there is a revision doesn't mean the previous revisions are obsolete. The revisions may have been made to fit newer vehicles with slightly altered parts or cars with different options. Consult your dealer if your unsure of the part number.

The last digits of this part number 11-13 represent the colour of the part 8K0 882 601 C 4PK. Here is a list of current colours available at time of writing:

4PK - Soul (Black)
61S - Luxor Beige
J50 - Light Grey
K38 - Cardamom Beige

4PK - Soul (Black)
Y22 - Light Beige
J50 - Light Grey
M90 - Stone Blue
Z99 - Cinnamon brown
Z62 - Star Silver
K38 - Cardamom Beige
S96 - Mustang Brown
Z95 Pearl Silver

Hopefully this helps you understand a bit more about parts the next time your looking.

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