.: B8 Oil Dipstick

This is one that has created a bit of debate and confussion on the forums. I need to make this very clear. There is no such thing as an oil dipstick for the B8. Please don't send me messages about how your dealer says there is no such thing (I am very aware of this).

Ok the history. When I orderd my car I had some main concerns over the cliamte it was going into. We hit temperatures down to -50. As you can imagine it takes some time for the oil to heat up and the MMI to respond properly. Talking to the dealer they informed me they had figured out a dipstick that would work on the B8 and they used in their service department for quick oil checks on the B8.

The dealer ordered this for me so I had it when I picked up my car. It fits without issue and reads as acurate as I could ask for. There are a number of people who have ordered this todate without dissapointment. Please be leary of people who haven't done the research who make grandulous claims. I have heard "Reads a quart low", Is the wrong length and could hurt your engine" amungst others. This is completly false. If it read that far off it would show nothing.

Chris at ECS Tuning took the time to research this more and compared it to the factory tech tool that is used for measuring oil. They discovered that if anything this dipsticks reads a mear 1-2mm lower than the tech tool. This is if anything a good thing and is well within a usable range. You would never add oil if you were a mm or 2 low anyways. The dipsitck represents a quart so a few mm's must equal an ounce or two?. I have measured my oil at full and at 3/4's according to the MMI and both times accurate.

So I apoligise for all the rant but don't want you to be discouraged by what some who haven't tried it have said. ECS tuning carries this product now based on the reasearch and can be ordered from them directly if your dealer gives you a run around. Here is the link B8 Dipstick.

The part number you need is 06J 115 611 E.

Here is a picture of it installed in my car:
Oil Dipstick


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